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Courtesy Caller®

Courtesy Caller is an automated outbound calling tool that automatically reaches, communicates with, and even collects payments and other information from your patients. Courtesy Caller scripts are recorded in a state-of-the-art digital recording studio utilizing professional voice talent to ensure the highest quality sound is delivered to your patients.

The capability of providing millions of interactive, personalized phone calls, with perfect consistency and documentation, frees up resources while still offering patients the choice to self-serve or speak directly with your staff. The persistent contact of the tool is less likely to be ignored than letters, and less expensive than printing and postage. It is customizable with multi-tiered branching software and bilingual script libraries to meet a variety of applications.

With Courtesy Caller, you will:

  • Collect more patient revenue, sooner by reducing patient bad debt write-offs, instilling patient accountability, increasing urgency to pay sooner, and sending fewer patients to collections.
  • Lower cost and improve productivity by slashing statement and letter costs, automatically collecting credit card payments, insurance and other information required to resolve unpaid accounts, driving patients to your online payment website, and increase call center and business office productivity.
  • Improve patient relations by pro-actively contacting them in the manner in which they are most likely to respond.

"Within eight months of implementing Courtesy Caller, 120 day AR dropped 40% and gross revenue increased 10%."

-Executive Director, 100 Physician Specialty Group

Courtesy Caller is an interactive healthcare communications tool that addresses the entire patient encounter cycle:

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions:

  • Patient overdue balance and collection calls
  • Pre-registration calls
  • False self-pay calls
  • Denied claims calls
  • Appointment calls w/ or w/out co-pay estimates
  • Bad address calls
  • Home visit and durable medical equipment reminder calls

Satisfaction and Outcomes Measurement Solutions:

  • Outbound patient survey call campaigns
  • Clinical outcomes measures
  • Post discharge follow-up reminders

Clinical Compliance Solutions:

  • HEDIS and Phase 2 Meaningful Use alerts
  • Follow-up diagnostic test reminders
  • Follow-up procedure reminders
  • Past due Rx reminders

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"As a result of implementing the Courtesy Caller pre-registration solution, we were able to reach more patients with one less staff member while also significantly increasing the point of service patient co-payments."

- Director Patient Financial Services
Multi-facility hospital system, Massachusetts