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Courtesy Attendant

Courtesy Attendant is an automated inbound call tool that integrates with your existing phone system and AR/EHR solutions, allowing 24/7 patient access to account balances, payment history, pay-by-phone, surveys and clinical alerts. The tool offers scripts in English and Spanish, and allows patients the choice to self-serve or speak directly with your staff, all with right-party security validation. Courtesy Attendant can reduce inbound attended calls by 15-30%, freeing up valuable staff resources.

With Courtesy Attendant, you will:

  • Improve productivity by off-loading 15-30% of your inbound calls, automatically collect credit card and e-check payments and allow patients to set up convenient installment plans based on your rules
  • Enhance patient convenience with 24/7 access to account balances, payment history and credit card and e-check payment as a convenient alternative to your online payment site.

"Staff can focus on more meaningful tasks knowing the accounts are being worked in a timely, professional manner."

-Executive Director, Large Anesthesia Group
Seattle, WA

Courtesy Attendant is an interactive healthcare communications tool that addresses the entire patient encounter cycle:

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions:

  • Inbound patient accounting IVR service
  • Automated account information - account balance, payment history
  • Pay-by-phone using credit card or check
  • Create automated monthly installment plans
  • Verify, update or add primary and secondary health insurance information.

Satisfaction and Outcomes Measurement Solutions:

  • Inbound IVR for collecting and reporting satisfaction survey information
  • Inbound IVR for collecting and reporting clinical outcomes information

Clinical Compliance Solutions:

  • Inbound IVR to hear clinical alert details