Revenue Advantage specializes in interactive healthcare communications for the entire patient encounter cycle. Utilizing phone, e-mail, text and the web, our interactive solutions deliver valuable information to patients. Getting the right information at the right time, delivered in a manner that is effective for your patients improves satisfaction, decreases AR, and complies with new CMS regulatory requirements for Meaningful Use. Discover the Revenue Advantage.

Courtesy Caller®

Courtesy Caller is an automated outbound call solution that contacts patients when and where they are most likely to be reached for a variety of matters including overdue balances, pre-registration, reminder calls and surveys.
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Courtesy Attendant

Courtesy Attendant is an automated inbound call solution allowing 24/7 access to your patients for services including automated account information, pay-by-phone, health insurance verification, satisfaction surveys and clinical alerts.
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Web Attendant

Web Attendant is a web-based version of Courtesy Attendant, supporting 24/7 access to online account information, secure payments with credit/debit cards and checks, and establishing monthly payment plans.
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Courtesy Texter

Courtesy Texter is a texting tool, supporting overdue account notifications, appointment reminders and clinical alerts. Texter is designed as a complimentary solution to Courtesy Caller and Courtesy Attendant and utilizes your patient's cell phones to delivery timely notifications and information.
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Custom Solutions

Revenue Advantage wants to streamline your processes, so from custom scripts to integration with your AR and EHR systems, we are here to help.

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"We began our relationship with Revenue Advantage Inc. back in early 2008. Over the years, they have made millions of effective phone calls for us. RAI uses professional voice talent for the recording and built flexibility into the scripts, thereby delivering quality calls which represent us well to our clients.

Both their technical staff and their client services staff are top notch. While there is an awful lot of moving parts to making calls and processing payments, they provide excellent training and all the support you could want to keep your processes running smoothly. They are quick and professional in taking care of any bumps in the road, and their redundant data centers give us confidence that our calls will go out on schedule.

Revenue Advantage is continually improving their products. We needed substantial technical innovation because of the nature of our business and the high demands of our clients. They have risen to the occasion, meeting the challenges we have thrown at them. We are certainly glad to be able to call them our business partner, which they are in every sense of the word."

--Executive VP of Research and Development,
National Hospital Billing and Collection Service